Cat Luke’s Purring Helped Her Deal With Cancer

We just can’t stress enough how much cats can help people heal in any way possible. Karen Corey shared her story with us of how Luke and his purring helped her deal with cancer. We also asked Karen 10 short questions and here you can read her answers together with her story.

purring helped her deal with cancer

“Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had two surgeries and had my first round of chemo when I found an underweight stray cat rolling around in the dirt outside my apartment building”, says Karen.

She couldn’t resist him and took him in. Karen decided to name her new cat Luke in hope to bring her luck. Luke was her support every time she was coming back from chemo treatments. He never left her side.

purring helped her deal with cancer

Luke literally never left Karen’s side while she had her chemo therapy. He was following her everywhere and lied on the bed next to her to give her comfort. Luke is her companion for over 10 years now and she can’t imagine what it would be like if he wasn’t there in those hard times.

” At night, every time I had to go to the bathroom, Luke would get up and go with me and afterwards he would curl up with me in bed and purr until I went to sleep”.

His purring helped her deal with cancer better. She felt very sick, but knowing that he is there with her made her feel better.

purring helped her deal with cancer

“I was so tired and felt so sick but he made those nights easier. Every single time I felt really sick when I was going through chemo, Luke curled up with me and wouldn’t leave my side”.

Apparently, Luky did bring her luck because she has been in remission for the past 10 years.

“I’ve been lucky to be in remission for the past 10 years and lucky to have Luke by my side still. He’s still looking after me”.

And here are the answers to our 10 short questions for Karen:

1. Do you sometimes talk to your cat?

– I talk to Luke a lot – he seems to like it. He’s a good listener too.

2. What type of food do you usually feed your cat/cats with?

– I feed Luke Purina ProPlan DM cat food. It’s the only food he can eat as he is diabetic.

purring helped her deal with cancer

3. Is there a special cat in your life?

– Luke, my 11 year old, Maine Coon mix.

4. What’s your favorite book?

– Anything by Patricia Cornwell or Kathy Reichs.

purring helped her deal with cancer

5. Do you have a preference for a specific cat breed or not?

– All cats are awesome but Maine Coon’s have a special place in my heart.

6. Are you against cat declawing?

– Yes, I would never declaw my cat. It causes chronic pain and I don’t believe in taking away their way of defending themselves.

7. Are people around you (friends, family, partner) friendly towards cats?

– Yes, most of the people in my life love animals too.

8. Do other people consider you weird because you are obsessed with cats?

– Yes, I’m known for my love of cats and I’m okay with it. A lot of people ask my about Luke – I think he brings a smile to quite a few faces.

9. What do you like the most about cats (in three words)?

– Purring – it’s the most relaxing, happy sound.

10. Are you planning on getting another cat in your home soon?

– No, my cat is a senior now and not friendly towards other cats.

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