Cat lovers are proven to be more intelligent than others!

There has always been a theory that cat lovers are people with a very high intelligence. Now, research have proven this to be true.

cat lovers

Having a cat is really a good thing, it will be your companion, your family and make your life more interesting. However, some people prefer to have dogs as pets, or maybe parrots or fish. Choosing your pet, really says a lot about your personality. Some may say that cat lovers and dog lovers are people with very opposite characteristics. Dog lovers are usually more outgoing, social, love to spend time with friends and going out, whereas people who own cats are more introverted persons. This is one of the reasons why people think that cat owners are more intelligent – due to the fact that most introverted persons are usually intelligent.

cat lovers

Denise Guastello is a researcher that has conducted a study and claims that there are differences between people who have cats as pets and those who have dogs. The research was done based on a survey among 600 students and the results confirmed the above mentioned. Dog lovers are more outgoing and extroverted and cat lovers are more sensitive and open-minded. The most important part of the study is that it proved that people that prefer to have cats as pets are highly intelligent and more likely to complete university studies.

cat lovers

The research also pointed out the fact that cats are more independent pets, therefore its owners have more time to spend on themselves – on education and reading, for example.

cat lovers

Another fact that was discovered is that people who prefer cats over dogs are usually more neurotic. But, everyone chooses to ignore this fact. Wouldn’t you?

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