Blind rescued cat can’t stop hugging her new dad

rescued cat

A rescued cat is always grateful and happy when finds a new home. Imagine if the cat is blind, what a luck she has when someone takes her into their home.

This kitty was blind and abandoned in Cape Town, but luckily rescued from the street.

rescued cat

The Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) has rescued this kitty named June and found in a very bad state. The rescued cat was blind and sick, but seemed to have a good nature. One of the volunteers at DARG said that the people that found June believe that her mother was killed. She had no brothers or sisters and they were happy to take her in.

June was a normal cat besides being blind. She was very playful and she was running up and down all day and it seemed that everyone liked her.

Her foster mom Holly was looking after this blind rescued cat and after a few months realized that June is ready to be adopted.

rescued cat

DARG published June’s story on their Facebook page with the hope that they will find the perfect family for her. This is what happened. After one couple Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner read the story, they decided to adopt her. They didn’t even see the kitty and yet knew that she will be part of their family.

When they came to pick her up, June hugged her new dad and couldn’t leave him.

rescued cat

Apparently that was love at first sight. She was in her dad’s arms even on their way back and didn’t separate from him.

This was the moment when Andrew realized that June will be his little girl, so he bought her a little tag that said “Daddy’s Girl”. Well, you can see that it is true.

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