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    The angriest cats in the world

    Sometimes it seems that the cats really hate us. At least, this is how they look. They have angry faces but still look adorable, maybe even more than usual. Check out the angriest cats in the world. Also, you can see some photos of wonderful Maine Coon cats. Maine Coon cats can also be angry and aggressive. Read more about it. Source: www.purrshare.com      

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    Which diet is the best one for Maine Coon cats?

    If you have decided to get yourself a Maine Coon cat, you need to know everything about this cat breed. This is important because if you are well acquainted with the cat’s characteristics you can make a better decision about…

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    Lost cat finds its way home after 13 years!

    Sounds incredible, right? Anyone who lost a cat and couldn’t find it within 3 or 6 months or even a year usually loses all hopes that would see their cat back home. Same thing happened to Janet Adamowicz. She had…

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    Who is OwlKitty?

    There is almost not a single person that hasn’t heard about Owl Kitty or seen any of her videos. She is very popular starring in different movies and even attended this year’s Oscars ceremony. But who is she really? –…

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    How to recognize a Maine Coon cat?

    Many cat lovers get blown away by the look of Maine Coon cats. You must have seen them as well, at first glance they appear to be a wild cat, but in reality they are really friendly and love humans.…

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    Is it a cat or a mouse? Or neither?

    The visitors at the Linton Zoo have the privilege to see an extinct species, one very strange animal that looks like a cat and a mouse at the same time. However, it is neither of that. It is called an…

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    Japan opens its first cat train!

    Cats and travel – could you ask for more? In Japan you can get this if you travel from a small city called Ogaki. This trip is two and a half hours, time that you wouldn’t feel as you would…