ringtail cat

Ringtail Cat – One of The Most Interesting Animals in the USA

Does the name Ringtail Cat sound familiar to you? I am sure – ringtail part is something you’ve heard before – we all liked King Julien from Madagascar. He was a lemur, an animal which is also called a ringtail. Well, the ringtail cats can be found in West and Southwest USA.

Actually, these creatures are closer to raccoons than lemurs. Even though they are called ringtail cats – they are not related to felines, but they are part of the raccoon family – Procyonidae.

ringtail cat

Ringtail cat is an animal that is very shy and wary of people, so it can’t be seen so often as raccoons. These animals are similar to cats in the way that they clean themselves. Just like cats, they lick its forepaw and then use it to wipe its ears and face.

These interesting creatures have other names as well, for example in some places they are known as miner’s cats. This name came from the fact that they were found near mining camps hunting rodents.

ringtail cat

Another name for the ringtail cat is civet cats because they secrete a disgusting odor from their anal glands when they are frightened by something. This is their act of self-defense when they feel that they are in danger.

Their appearance is quite interesting – their face makes them look like foxes with their pointy ears and small eyes. They have a long and bushy tail that is longer than their body. Similar to foxes they have sharp teeth and they are omnivorous.

The Ringtail Cat is Omnivorous

Ringtail cats eat rodents, insects, rabbits, and ground squirrels. These animals are very agile and fast and apparently like to eat – they also feed themselves with berries, acorns, and fruit. Anything they can catch.

ringtail cat

Not only that they are shy, but they are also nocturnal animals, and even if you can’t see them, sometimes you can hear them. They have a loud and varied range of calls.

However, they are right to be scared, they also prey on bobcats, coyotes, owls, and mountain lions.

What do you think? Do you like these adorable creatures?

ringtail cat

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