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Trident the Three Legged Cat is Our Hero

A wonderful three-legged cat named Trident is our hero of the day. This cat has been through so much, but kept fighting and had a beautiful family that loved him. They made his life better and helped him live a normal life.

One couple – Aldo and Alicia found Trident 3 years ago in Red Rock Canyon, NV. They had no idea how long the tiny 3-legged kitten was there, but he was in a bad condition. At first, they thought that another animal had attacked Trident and has bitten off his leg.

trident the 3-legged cat

The couple had no hopes that the cat will survive, but they still took him to the vet. This photo shows Trident the 3-legged cat after 12 hours of care from the vet and the family. Luckily, this young fighter was becoming better and better by the day. This hero wanted to show them that he wants to live!

trident the 3-legged cat

Trident had gingivitis, and missing teeth, so the vet couldn’t really estimate his exact age. They said that he is between 6 months and 4 years old. He was also very small in size, but very playful. He loved to play with toys and to bite them.

When he was found he was so weak that he couldn’t even crawl on his 3 legs. He was missing a shoulder and leg and on top of that has a deformed hind leg. Trident has been diagnosed with scoliosis as well and is a special needs cat. He was suffering from MPS (Mucopolysaccharidoses).
This makes his story even more hearth-breaking. It’s amazing how much will have this small kitten to live and fight for life!

After three years with his family, sadly Trident has passed away in January 2019.

Aldo and Alicia have loved Trident very much and even started making different products in his name. They even started a fundraiser to raise awareness of this disease MPS that can be prevented.

Follow his Instagram page and find out more about him.

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