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Injured Baby Monkey Obsessed with Her Cat

monkey obsessed with her cat

Cute baby monkey obsessed with her cat has become so popular on the Internet. This is a story of an unusual friendship between a wild baby monkey and a cat. Not only do they love spending time together, but the monkey just can’t get away from the cat.

Read and watch the story of Avni the monkey and Billo the cat.

monkey obsessed with her cat

Avni is following Billo everywhere. Billo is usually just walking and Avni is running right behind her, puts her hands on Billo’s back, and walks with her. The most beautiful part of this friendship is the fact that Billo is the nicest cat that she is even as a surrogate mother to Avni.

It’s a sad story for the poor monkey who was abandoned by her family because she couldn’t keep up with them due to the injury. Joellen Anderson, a Wildlife Rescuer, tells the story about Avni who was very injured. Together with other rescuers, they brought her to a sanctuary. For wild animals is usually very difficult to recover because they are scared. Luckily, Avni found Billo.

monkey obsessed with her cat

The result was monkey was obsessed with her cat. Their first encounter was amazing because Billo just came to Avni and started cuddling. Since then, they became inseparable. Billo is very patient with Avni. With her love, Avni recovered very quickly from her injury.

Even though Avni is now more independent, she just doesn’t want to leave Billo. They love to just lie together and chill. It’s a perfect friendship.

Take a look at this video from The Dodo and enjoy.

Wild Monkey Can't Stop Visiting Her Cat Best Friend

This wild baby monkey is obsessed with a cat 😍

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, 7 May 2019

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