When do cats stop growing? When do they reach their full size?

when do cats stop growing

Have you ever wondered when do cats stop growing? – I surely have!

Some cats stay so small and light, some, such as Maine Coon breed cats, for example, grow very big. Certain cats stop growing after only 12 months, but some after 4 years. Even though there is no exact age when your fluffy friend will stop growing, there are several different stages of their growth. With these stages, you can have an idea of how fast your cat will grow, and when it is fully mature.

Cat Growth Chart

There are five main stages of the life cycle of cats, however, they don’t grow with the same consistency in each stage.

0 – 6 months: Kittens – In this category, usually kittens double their size in the first two weeks. Here in this stage, they grow fastest and after the fourth month, their growth starts to slow down.

6 months – 2 years: Junior – When cats reach 6 months, they start to look like adults and some breeds at this stage reach their full size and maturity.

3 years – 6 years: Young Adult – Cats are usually settled in this stage and are in their best age.

6 years – 10 years: Mature Adult – In this stage, the cat’s health starts to fail and they start being less active, which results in gaining weight.

11 years – 14 years: Senior – As your feline friend is now quite older, it would enjoy napping and it might have some problems with its hearing and vision.

when do cats stop groing

When do cats reach their full size mostly depends on four main factors:

  1. Breed – one of the biggest factors that affect cats’ growth is definitely their breed. The larger breeds grow the slowest, and vice versa. 
  2. Diet – as the cats grow fastest in the early stages of their life, it is very important to have a proper diet. This is why the shelter kittens are smaller than the home ones.
  3. Diseases – There are some diseases that can prevent cats from reaching their full sizes, such as dwarfism and bone deformities.
  4. Spay or neuter cat – Recent research was made and it proved that the age when your cat was neutered, affected its growth. If it’s at an early age, your cat would grow much bigger.

When Do Maine Coon Cats Stop Growing

The cat breeds best-known for their huge sizes are these lion-like beauties! 

when do cats stop growing

If you have a Maine Coon cat for one year already, and your feline friend is still small don’t worry, they reach its full size after they are three or four years old. This elegant breed grows very slowly compared to other regular cats. Also, there is a difference in their size if you get male or female Maine Coon as the male has the potential to grow much bigger.

However, not all Maine coon cats get huge. There are breeders that breed small Maine Coon cats and since this particular breed is very expensive, there are scammers that make you think they are selling you Maine Coon and it will turn out it’s a regular cat.

All in all, whether your cat will grow fast or slow is not that important. The most important thing is to feed your kitty with healthy cat food, play together, make sure you take good care of your fluffy friend, and share lots of love and hugs together!

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