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A Photographer Discredits the Crazy Cat Lady Stereotype

crazy cat lady stereotype

Brianne Wills is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY who is trying to debunk the crazy cat lady stereotype. Basically, the idea behind this photoshoot is to show the girls that own cats in a positive light.

So, there are over 300 cat ladies photographed with their rescued cats. She started this project in 2015 on Instagram and it’s titled “Girls and Their Cats”.

This amazing photographer is also sharing part of these photographs that will be part of her book coming out this month. Here are a few of her “heroines” in her book and their short stories.

Hannah Shaw, Coco, and Eloise

crazy cat lady stereotype

Hannah has two cats – Coco and Eloise. She says that rescuing Coco inspired her to focus on kitten rescue and neonatal kittens and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Eloise is her shy girl who doesn’t really like meeting new people, so she is very connected to Hannah.

The Crazy Cat Lady Stereotype is Debunked by Sara Anderson and her Loki

“Loki is incredibly affectionate, cuddly, and chatty. He loves napping on our bellies, eating chicken and scrambled eggs, and receiving hearty head scratches” – says Sara.

Aisha Awadallah and her Alex, Xena, and Tigger

crazy cat lady stereotype

Aisha shares with us that all her three cats are a reflection of her character and they represent her personality.

Meet Jamilah King and Her Cat Smarty

Jamilah says that her beautiful cat Smarty is very communicative and loves waking her up at 5 am in the morning. However, she doesn’t consider this as a bad thing – she knows that Smarty is just open about his needs. And she tries to learn from that.

JiaJia and Coco

crazy cat lady stereotype

The fact that Coco is black and white is actually fitting the stereotype of pets resembling their owners. JiaJia has a monochromatic wardrobe and bedroom where she is spending 90% of the time.

Sam Ushiro and Sabbath

Before getting to Sabbath, Sam never thought that she could have a cat. She still feels the same because she can’t imagine having another cat other than Sabbath. She also has her own chair:

“My favorite thing to tell people is how she has her own special chair in the living room where she sits and watches everything, like a queen on her throne, keeping the court in order ” says Sam.

Anka Lavriv is Helping Brianne Discredit the Crazy Cat Lady Stereotype with her Petey on Her Book Cover

crazy cat lady stereotype

Alexandra Lyles and King, Lois, and Maxine

“Every morning, I wake up wearing a cat bikini: one snoozing across my chest, one on my hips. They are the best” says Alexandra.

Lauren Leavell and Doo Doo

Lauren is happy that Doo Doo has the emotional sensor that cats have and never leaves her side when she is happy or sad.

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