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Don’t Leave Cats With Kids Alone – 10 Reasons to Prove It

leave cats with kids

People usually say that cats are tolerant of children. The following photos are showing that, but we believe that you shouldn’t leave cats with kids alone. Even though they are tolerant, they don’t seem to be enjoying. Kids have a lot of fun doing this because they see cats as dolls.

However, it’s mostly funny to see this. Let’s just hope things don’t go south and someone gets hurt at the end. We can expect the hurt side to be the kids. Especially if the kids are dressing the cats up or doing different haircuts to them.

1. A girl wanted to make her cat look like a princess.

leave cats with kids

2. This kid is trying to build a cat out of Legos.

3. Another princess… and the look on the girl’s face is priceless!

4. Would you like to have a Unicorn Cat?

leave cats with kids

5. One of the best reasons why you shouldn’t leave cats with kids alone…

leave cats with kids

6. Here the cats look happy, maybe she is having a good time.

leave cats with kids

7. This looks normal… a kid wants to take the cat for a walk.

8. A boy dressed up his cat in a stuffed animal’s clothes. The cat looks really good.

9. Apparently, this is a cat mosaic.

10. This is just another case of a kid playing with his cat – taking it swinging.

leave cats with kids

If you have any photos of similar situations, we would love for you to share them with us.

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