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Cats Photobombed These Photos and Made Them Look Even Better

cats photobombed

Cats can be jerks, whether they like it or not. We found a lot of photos where cats photobombed the photos and looked really proud of that. Cats like to sit anywhere, and they usually find the worst place. They even have some weird ways of sitting or jump and twist in hilarious ways.

Anyway, we do love them and life is so much fun with cats.

Well, let’s enjoy the photos that cats photobombed.

Very often we see that cats photobombed wedding photos. Do you think that they hate weddings?

cats photobombed

Or they just want to be the center of attention.

cats photobombed

Sometimes they want to ruin it.

cats photobombed

Maybe cats are against couples. And for that reason, they try to ruin their pictures.

Or they are in love with the groom and want to annoy the bride.

cats photobombed

Cats can be very jealous.

cats photobombed

One thing is for sure – they hate dogs!

And they will seize every opportunity to show that.

Cats don’t like sharing their human with dogs.

Cats love to have attention, so they like goofing around.

Unfortunately, cats photobombed their loved ones too.

Probably just to be funny.

Or they are copycats.

Anyway, they don’t like to be excluded from any picture.

cats photobombed

And for sure, they like to make fun of kids.

The following photos can’t really be explained…

In any family gathering – the cat is the center of attention.

cats photobombed

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