Meet Oomi the Miracle Kitty! Hear her story!

miracle kitty

This is an amazing story of a miracle kitty who has survived such a terrible infection. Oomi is also known as the cat with frog eyes. She was rescued off the street and had an incredible fight ahead.

miracle kitty

Oomi had a severe bacterial infection on its eyes which caused them to get so big. She was just 4 weeks old when she was rescued and diagnosed with the infection. The vets called her the frog eye kitty because it reminded them of a frog with its big eyes.

The miracle kitty was very young to be treated with the infection and actually there was no cure for it – he needed to get his eyes removed.

miracle kitty

Oomi was full of love for its caretakers – they fell in love with her the minute they saw her. She was also enjoying cuddling with her mom and dad and she was also very positive. It seemed that this eye condition was not an obstacle for the miracle kitty. She was very playful and cuddly.

miracle kitty

However, one night her eye had ruptured and they had to perform the surgery earlier than planned. It was a few weeks before the scheduled surgery and they had to do an enucleation and remove her eyes.

You would think that Oomi would be anxious and upset about the surgery, but she was surprisingly calm. That calmed her caretakers as well and helped her recover sooner.

miracle kitty

The miracle kitty was climbing all around the apartment just a few days after the surgery. The vets said that they never seen a cat recover from that kind of surgery so quickly.

miracle kitty

Oomi shows everyone that you have to be strong and never give up. Also, you should be happy with what you have and appreciate life.

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