The Unusual Trio: Blind Raccoon Saves Two Stray Kittens

blind raccoon

A strange trio between a blind raccoon and two stray kittens has surprised a girl one day. It’s not every day that you see these animals together. Well, it’s an interesting story about a new friendship.

blind raccoon

The story starts in 2009 when a partially blind raccoon started coming to the yard of a girl named Eryn. He was at her doorstep every day at breakfast time. Usually between 6 and 9am. Sometimes he would come even later in the day again to get a refill.

blind raccoon

But one day, five years later, the blind raccoon didn’t come alone. Two stray kittens showed up together with him in search for food. This wasn’t a coincidence because these three animals were leaving the house together as well. So, they would all come together, eat and leave together.

Actually, the lovely raccoon was guiding the two poor kittens so they wouldn’t starve.

blind racccoon

Unfortunately, in 2015 the blind raccoon died. Eryn then decided to adopt the two stray kittens so they wouldn’t feel sad without their friend.

Not only did Eryn helped the two sad kittens, taking care of them, they did the same for her. She had been going through a difficult period. She lost her mother and a 15 year old cat in 2 weeks time which was terrible. The two new cats couldn’t have come in a better time.

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