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Are Cats Really Scared Of Cucumbers? Strange Cat Behavior

cats scared of cucumbers

Have you ever watched one of those videos where cats are scared of cucumbers? There are over 25.000 funny videos of cats where they get extremely frightened of cucumbers and jump really high. This happens usually when the cat is eating, drinking water, or doing something else and is unaware of the green thing placed next to it. The moment the cat notices the cucumber it startles and it either jumps or gets far away from it.

Whoever watched this type of viral video probably wonders why are cats scared of cucumbers so much? – We’ve tried to find the answer to this question and understand whether there is a scientific explanation behind this peculiar behavior.

cat scared of cucumber
Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

What is it with cucumbers that scares a cat that much?

Cats are hypersensitive by nature

Our felines are interested in everything that is happening in their vicinity. They want to be aware of what is happening in their surroundings. And if someone makes a sudden movement near them it can scare them. So, probably their sensitivity is one of the reasons that cucumbers cause this fear. For instance, if your cat is focused on her food, or doing anything else and suddenly notices that a new object is next to them it will make her feel jeopardized.

Moreover, if you take a look at the cucumber and its snake-like form – you won’t have any doubts why this vegetable causes fear with your cat. Due to their instinct cats feel the need to run and save themselves. For that reason, they instantly jump or run when they see a cucumber next to them.

Why You Shouldn’t Scare Cats with Cucumbers

Even though we find often find these videos of cats scared of cucumbers funny and entertaining, it is not a good idea to do this to your cats. Above all, this can be very harmful to your cat’s health. This type of fear can lead to prolonged stress which may result in a certain health condition.

Also, these types of pranks may end up with broken objects in your house from your cat jumping all around. Or even worse they can hurt themselves in the process.

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