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25 Photos of People Who Claimed They Didn’t Want Cats

people who didn't want cats

When you are a cat person it really is a problem if your partner or family don’t like cats. There are many people who say that they didn’t want cats in their home. This is a huge issue, however, these clever creatures called cats have their way with everyone. So, even the people who never liked cats can fall in love with them.

We are happy to present the following photos of those people who were against having a cat at home.

Take a Look at the Photos of People Who Didn’t Want Cats

1. This dad claimed he hated cats. However, his daughters got him a kitten and as you can see in the picture – that’s an adult cat. They have been inseparable for a long time and still are.

people who didn't want cats

2. The “not a cat person” boyfriend.

people who didn't want cats

3. When this boyfriend realized that he is actually a cat person, the girlfriend got demoted to “princess #2”. Cat comes first.

4. “No, I don’t want to hold the kitten”.

5. These cute bunk beds were made by a dad who hates cats.

6. This is a boyfriend who said that he didn’t like cats. And this is him after they got the cat.

people who didn't want cats

7. Another boyfriend who doesn’t like cats.

8. I Wanted A Cat. My “Not A Cat Person” Boyfriend Did Not. We Got One Because It Would Make Me Happy. Guess Whose Cat She Is

people who didn't want cats

9. This dad still claims he hates cats.

people who didn't want cats

10. A girlfriend who didn’t want to get a cat and still tells everyone that she hates the cat.

11. A husband who claimed that he is more of a dog person. The wife is not convinced. 

people who didn't want cats

12. Yet another dad who didn’t like cats.

13. Husband didn’t want cats, wife wanted cats. The result is 5 cats.

14. Sometimes the dad really doesn’t like the cat, but the cat loves him!

people who didn't want cats

15. This guy still claims he is not a cat person.

people who didn't want cats

16. A friend who hates cats was caught on camera.

17. A “not a cat person” boyfriend falling in love with a shelter cat.

18. Me A Year Ago: I Hate Cats, They’re Evil! Me, Now, On My 4th Set Of Fosters

people who didn't want cats

19. A man who claimed he didn’t want cats.

20. Boyfriend wouldn’t let his girlfriend get a cat for years until she convinced him and he now adores it.

people who didn't want cats

21. When you can’t convince your dad to get a cat and you finally do – this is what you get from him.

people who didn't want cats

22. This mom wasn’t a cat person.

23. A boy who considers himself to be a dog person couldn’t resist this kitty that his colleague brought to work.

24. Dad was alone with the cat, and he doesn’t like cats.

25. The family’s cat loves only the dad – who hates her.

people who didn't want cats

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