Who is OwlKitty?

There is almost not a single person that hasn’t heard about OwlKitty or seen any of her videos. She is very popular starring in different movies and even attended this year’s Oscars ceremony. But who is she really? – Here you can read more about her background.

OwlKitty is a cat that is two years old and her real name is Lizzy. She lives in Portland, Oregon and her mother is a 10 year old tabby. In real life, Lizzy is like any regular cat, loves to play with her laser and loves cream cheese.


As an actress, she appeared in the popular TV Show “Game of Thrones”, in “Harry Potter” movies, “How to Train your Dragon”, “Jurassic Park”, “Titanic” and many more.

OwlKitty’s human parents are Tibo Charroppin and Olivia Boone. Tibo is a video editor, filmmaker and animator who is creating these lovely videos of his cat. Olivia is a creative writer and content editor and she is now writing OwlKitty’s autobiography. And the 10-year-old tabby is Juliette – the mom and manager.

If you want to follow OwlKitty and see where she will star next you can like her Facebook Page and follow her on Instagram. Also, Catman shares her work regularly because he is her biggest fan, so you can follow him as well and check out OwlKitty’s highlights.

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