A Trend of Weird Cat Haircuts Makes Them Look Ridiculous

weird cat haircuts

Have you ever thought about trying weird cat haircuts for your loved one? One dad tried it for their cat Oliver and the mom wasn’t happy about the result.

weird cat haircuts

One girl Caitlin has shared her story about how her parents started a fight over their cat. Apparently, Caitlin’s mom asked her dad to take their cat Oliver to the groom. What she didn’t expect was to find her cat with a weird cat haircut looking ridiculous. She couldn’t even look at the cat and sent her daughter a text saying how disgusted she is.

weird cat haircuts

Caitlin’s father was just trying to make a joke with her mom. He wanted Oliver to look like a tiger. If you see how this beautiful cat looked like before this weird haircut, I am sure that you would be angry too.

weird cat haircuts

This trend of weird cat haircuts didn’t happen to Oliver only. There are people who are doing this often for their cats. They want to make their cats look like dinosaurs and groom them in that way.

From an aesthetic point of view, this doesn’t look very nice. These cats were really beautiful and with this weird haircut they aren’t anymore.

See more cats that had this haircut and share your opinion with us:

weird cat haircuts

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