Meet the Real Life Aristocats and Their Mother Cat Duchess

Do you remember the Disney’s movie “The Aristocats? Would you be interested to know that you can see the real life Aristocats? The beautiful rescue cat Duchess gave birth to three kittens that looked exactly like the ones in the movie. Well, if you remember the story you would know that these kittens were black, yellow and white.

real life aristocats

The real life Madame Adelaide is Shelby Sewell-Lopez who rescued the gorgeous white cat and named her Duchess. Shelby’s story is not like Madame Adelaide’s, but she was lucky to get these cartoon characters in her life.

real life aristocats

They live in East Texas and the Duchess was adopted in 2018. The poor cat had hernia and parasites so Shelby had to take her regularly to the vet until she finally got well.

real life aristocats

She is obviously an aristocrat because she took all these treatments gracefully.

“Through all of the rehabilitating, she kept her calm demeanor and a beautiful cat emerged. She is unbothered by everything except the vacuum cleaner!” – said Shelby.

However, the strangest thing happened when the Duchess actually gave birth to the real life Aristocats. Of course Shelby gave them the Aristocats’ names.

Real life Aristocat Marie

real life aristocats

Even the genders matched to the three kittens in the cartoon.

Meet Toulouse

And Berlioz

They even got a “bonus kitten” and they named him Blue.

real life aristocats

Just as a reminder, take a look at the short excerpt of the Aristocats:

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