Take a look at the cat’s paradise! Your cat would love it!

Have you ever seen what a cat’s paradise look like?

If you haven’t, you have an opportunity to take a glance into this house that has been decorated into a cats playground.

cat's paradise

The owner of the house has 18 cats and has decided to invest $35,000 into renovation of his house in Goleta, California. He installed spiral walkways, colorful ramps, tunnels and scratching poles.

cat's paradise

You might wonder how this man lives with 18 cats under one roof. He thought of that as well, so he invested in installation of a new ventilation system that regulates the air which is very helpful when living with a number of animals.

cat's paradise

cat's paradise

The house looks very normal from the outside, there is nothing unusual about it so you wouldn’t even assume that its interior is designed cat friendly. But when you enter you will realize that you are entering a cat’s paradise.

cat's paradise

cat's paradise

Would you like to create this home for your cats?

There are many toys and accessories that you can find to create this home. Cats don’t really need that many things – a cardboard box and a tree would do. If you combine all of them together, they will have the home of their dreams.

Source: www.purrshare.com

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