Meet Zeke – a Proud Cat Daddy of 5 Fur Babies

Catman would like to present to you Zeke Faigan our proud cat daddy of five fur babies. Zeke is one of our fans who was happy to share his story with us. His oldest cat is 13 years old and he basically starts to take care of her children.

It’s a very interesting story about this proud cat daddy that we are sure you would like to read it.

proud cat daddy


My name is Zeke and I’m a proud fur baby daddy of 5 cats, Cuddles (13), Louis (10), Dimka and Claudia aka Squeeky (9), and Ottis (7) and 2 dogs; TJ and Shania.
Cuddles is a beautiful tortoiseshell whom I rescued at 4 weeks old from a really filthy and unhealthy home that had cats everywhere.

Zeke and Cuddles

She was malnourished and undersized and fit perfectly into my flannel shirt pocket. I mothered her something wicked. I had to syringe feed her for the first week, and my old dog Daisy helped clean her and taught her how to clean herself etc. We formed a very strong bond from the start and she wouldn’t let me out of her sight (she’d cry if I did).

proud cat daddy

Claudia (Squeeky)

Skip to nearly 13 yrs later, Cuddles is the mother to my other 4 furry children, has a weird shoe fetish, loves to rub her face on them and rolls around playing with the laces, super cute but super weird! She’s become a little less Cuddly over the years and become a little bit of an old grump, but she still lives up to her name, just on her terms.

proud cat daddy


Louis is a creamy ginger, I nickname him “Moonhead” as he’s a bit slow and he often has “dopey” eyes which make him look like he’s high. He’s well and truly Grandmas baby; he literally curls up with my mum like a big baby and loves being cradled.

proud cat daddy


Dimka (Dinkydoo) is a gorgeous soft grey fur with white “eyeliner” around her big beautiful “puss in boots” eyes. She’s Daddy’s girl; She loves to snuggle, will stay in bed having snuggles all day if you allowed her to. She’s extremely vocal and follows me like a shadow. She likes to come out to the backyard and watch me play fetch with the dogs, has a sweet tooth for lollies and crisps and loves bed time. She often sleeps in a “superman” pose, with her front legs stretched out straight in front of her.


Claudia, more affectionately called Squeeky, is a little shy soft grey and tortoiseshell mix. She doesn’t meow but rather squeaks. She loves to play and has chosen one of my younger siblings as her human. She absolutely loves to chill out in boxes and bags, no matter the size. She’s definitely a “if I fits I sits” kinda girl, even if she doesn’t always fit.


And finally last but not least, Ottis, my big black 9.7 kg boy, who’s partially wild. My nephew calls him “The Hello Cat” as upon entering the house, Ottis will meow that undeniably sounds exactly like “Hello”. He’s a bit of an oddball, prefers to hang out in the backyard, but on occasion comes inside to sleep or simply say hello and hang out. He loves a good belly rub and laying out in the sun. He also will come and watch the fun when I go out and play fetch with the dogs.

proud cat daddy


And Here are the Answers from the Proud Cat Daddy to Our 10 Short Questions.

1. Do you sometimes talk to your cat?

– I always talk to my fur babies.

2. What type of food do you usually feed your cat/cats with?

– Mainly dry food.

3. Is there a special cat in your life?

– I had a special cat, whom sadly I had to put down 3 yrs ago; Renna, she was 21, love of my life.

Zeke and Renna

4. What’s your favorite book?

– I tie between; The Hobbit – J.R.R Tolkien & Is it just me – Miranda Hart.

5. Do you have a preference for a specific cat breed or not?

– No.

6. Are you against cat declawing?

– 100% against.

7. Are people around you (friends, family, partner) friendly towards cats?

– They have to be to be in my life, haha…

8. Do other people consider you weird because you are obsessed with cats?

– Lol, yes!

9. What do you like the most about cats (in three words)?

– ToeBeans, purrs & boops.

10. Are you planning on getting another cat in your home soon?

– Not in the near-future but definitely in the distant future.

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