This old cat with a rare condition got a new home

old cat

Not many people decide to adopt an old cat. But actually there is nothing better for the cat than to get a new home and spend the last months feeling loved.

This is what Georgina Price and Christopher Lardner thought when they lost their cat Herbie. They actually did the same – got Herbie when he was an old cat and decided to keep him for his last days.

Herbie – the cat that Georgina and Christopher lost

After Herbie passed away, the couple decided to adopt a new senior cat, but got an even better idea. They wanted to get a pair of cats – that lived together for most of their lives and have special needs.

So, they found Quinton and Toby .

Toby and Quinton old cat found their new home

Toby – the white beauty is 7 years old and he has no teeth. Quinton is also 7, but he suffers from a rare condition called Ehles-Danlos Syndrome. This syndrome is also known as Feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA) and it characterizes with deficient levels of collagen. This protein is necessary for elasticity and strength to the skin and ligaments which causes unusually stretchy skin with cats. For that reason, Quinton looks like that with saggy skin.

old cat

Both cats lived together and were basically inseparable. When they went to their new home they adapted quickly.

“Toby and Quinton are inseparable. Quinton tries to clean up Toby’s face when possible,” says Georgina. “And when they play, Quinton knows to keep his claws retracted.”

old cat

old cat

Georgina and her fiance never heard of this syndrome before, but that didn’t make any difference. They love both their cats and they just need to pay more attention to Quinton’s skin as it’s loose and it might injure him.

old cat

Isn’t it amazing to give an opportunity for a better furever home for senior cats? It is a shame for them to spend their last days or months in a shelter, when they can be in a loving home.

Read more about this pair on their Instagram profile.

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