Welcome the New Grumpy Cat World! Meet Meow Meow!

new grumpy cat

Everyone remembers the Internet star Grumpy cat who unfortunately passed away recently. However, it looks like there is a new Grumpy Cat coming to the stage. The resemblance is uncanny and this new cat might become a new Internet star due to its looks.

For those of you who haven’t heard about the original Grumpy Cat (if such person exists), here are some interesting facts. Tardar Sauce was the original name of the cat who had an angry look. This cute cat was so popular that there were countless memes that are still circulating social media. Grumpy Cat passed away in May 2019 and we have found this new cat that reminded us of the legend.

The new Grumpy cat is called Meow Meow and lives in Taiwan with her mother Clare. She has an Instagram account with 16K followers and there is even a picture there with a stuffed toy of the original Grumpy Cat. Her mother Clare says “She looks at the world with perpetual disgust no matter what sheโ€™s actually feeling inside.

Meow Meow always looks like she wants to say something bad to you or that she is annoyed with anyone. However, Clare says that she is actually a very affectionate and sweet cat who is rarely angry. She probably takes after her predecessor and is a master at concealing feelings.ย  Many people who have just met Meow Meow are amazed by the resemblance and it is very possible that she will become a great hit on the Internet.

Some people that have seen Meow Meow even say that she is even grumpier than Tardar Sauce. Having in mind that she is not that popular yet, we need to wait and see what will happen. Time will tell if Meow Meow will become a new grumpy star.

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