New Cat Hairstyle That You’ve Never Seen Before

cat hairstyle

Have you heard about the latest cat hairstyle trend? Don’t worry, this time the cat is not harmed and her fur is not touched. Even though this might sound like the many cat grooming trends, it’s not quite it. This haircut is for people, or more specifically for cat lovers.

cat hairstyle

Unique, isn’t it?

If you like it, you should meet Aliya Askarova, a skilled hairdresser from St. Petersburg, Russia.  She made a rainbow cat undercut. Aliya’s client the Russian Instagram user Katichka has posted a picture of her cat hairstyle. Also, she has her cat on the back of her head.

cat hairstyle

“I always bring with me my sleepy cat,” said Katichka.

This hairstyle trend is called hair tattoos where you get an undercut and a picture or pattern you choose is rasped on the back of the head. As any undercut works, this picture is hidden if your hair is loose. People can see it only when you make a ponytail or brush your hair aside.

So, if you are thinking of getting your cat’s face on the back of your head, you know where to go.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this cat hairstyle trend. Do you like it? Or do you hate it?

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