Two-Nosed Cat Was Rescued From Being Euthanized

two-nosed cat

One unusual two-nosed cat was brought to a shelter by a family that couldn’t look after him. This poor cat’s name is Memphis and was born with a deformed soft palate, smushed face and a cleft lip.

two-nosed cat

Because of that Memphis looks like he has two noses. They are both functional and he has no problems breathing.

two-nosed cat

The people who were looking after the two-nosed cat, had to give him to a shelter in Massachusetts. They threatened to euthanize him because they thought that nobody would want him. The cat was different and this often happens that nobody wants to adopt it.

two-nosed cat

Luckily, Tara Kay – the founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, heard about Memphis and decided to adopt him. She realized that even though he looks different, he doesn’t have any bigger health issues. He just breathes louder and snores which is not so terrible.

Now Memphis Has A Loving Home

She took him in and now he lives with her and several other special needs siblings. You can check out his Instagram profile and see them all there.

Even though this two-nosed cat is different, he is still adorable. He has a wonderful character and charm and makes some interesting chirpy noises. Tara says that he loves to be cuddled and loves to purr.

Credit: Instagram @memphis2nosecat

Tara and the Odd Cat Sanctuary are always trying to help cats in needs and is always on the look out for cats in trouble.

“We believe that all cats deserve love, attention, and medical care, first with a caring foster and then with placement in a forever home” – says Tara.

Watch this video where you can see and find out more about Memphis:

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