Maya the Special Cat Was on a Death Row For Being Different

Maya the special cat

This is a story of Maya the special cat. She is a tabby cat that has a chromosomal abnormality and looks different. For that reason, like many other cats people thought that nobody would want to adopt this poor cat. However, looks isn’t everything.

maya the special cat

Maya the special cat was found behind a Chinese food restaurant and people took her to a kill shelter. They immediately took her there because they believed that there wouldn’t be a home for a cat that looks like that.

maya the special cat

Luckily, the Odd Cat Sanctuary found out about this poor cat and took her to their place. They have decided to give her a chance for a better life and posted a photo of her on Facebook.

Against other people’s beliefs, Maya the special cat has found her home and new family. Lauren has adopted her and created an Instagram profile of her.

Lauren realized that Maya is the same as any other cat. Even though she looks sad or confused, she is not – this just due to her condition.

The only problem that she is facing with is her flattened nose that causes her to sneeze more often. She also has some vision issues but nothing serious.

With her unusual looks, Maya is even cuter than many other cats.

Other than that, her behavior is just as a normal cat. Maya loves to play and even has a favorite toy.

Also loves to cuddles.

In other words, Maya is a normal beautiful cat that deserves to have a family and be loved. It is important for people to realize that if a cat looks different it doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be adopted.

The special needs cats are sometimes even more special and need more attention and love from us.

See more photos of her bellow:

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