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Amazing photos of Maine Coon by Robert Sijka

The magnificent creatures Maine Coon cats are inspirations for many artists. Their gorgeous fur and beauty make you fall in love with them and can’t stop looking at them.

One photographer – Robert Sijka – has been inspired by Maine Coon and decided to take pictures of them. He is also a big cat lover so he wanted to share his passion through art.

“My passions are cats and photography, I do my best to combine these two things as good as possible” said Robert for Cat Behaviourist . He also mentioned that he got the inspiration from a “photo of Dolce Vita and De La Loo – two of the most majestic black Maine Coons… photographed beautifully on a simple black background”.

Enjoy these breathtaking photographs of the lovely Maine Coon cats.

Source: and photographer: Robert Sijka

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