This is Luhu The Saddest Cat in The World

Have you heard about Luhu – the saddest cat in the world? Did you even know that a cat can be sad? Well, usually they are happy and probably Luhu is happy too.

luhu the saddest cat

This is a cat that has sad eyes and she is so interesting that her owner Maggie Liu made an Instagram profile for her. That’s just her looks, but she is very well taken care of.

luhu the saddest cat

The fact that Luhu looks like she is the saddest cat, she got almost 170k followers on her profile. People can’t stop looking at her photos because of her uniqueness and that she is different.

luhu the saddest cat

Luhu lives in Beijing with her mom Maggie Liu and her life is not sad at all. She has siblings and they all live very happy.

Take a look at these photos of her and enjoy. If you also follow her on Instagram you will realize that this cat is not sad as she looks.

luhu the saddest cat

luhu the saddest cat

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  1. Carol Spivey says:

    That said cat she looks like someone cut her hair. She doesn’t have long hair. Why did they cut her hair.

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