Kittens Covered in Ink Used for a Cruel Blood Sport!

kittens covered in ink

When a rescue worker found two small kittens covered in ink was at first shocked. Then he heard some rumors about how this could’ve happened. South West News Services reports that they were between four and five weeks old and were found by police in West Yorkshire, UK.

They believed that the kittens were colored as part of a blood sport where people organize betting games of dogs attacking small animals. It looks like the kittens were the ‘baits’.

kittens covered in ink

After the rescue, the worker took the kittens to the Bradford Watch Rescue Centre.

Katie Jane Lloyd, a spokeswoman of the Rescue Centre reported that the staff was at first shocked because they new that the color would probably cause some serious health issues to the kittens covered in ink.

This is probably one of the cruelest things that a person can do to an animal. When the kittens were brought to the centre they were lethargic and had difficulties with breathing which was apparently result from the color.

The staff started washing the kittens covered in ink and gave them a good bath to take the color out.

kittens covered in ink

Lloyd reported that there were no problems cleaning their bodies, but they had to be very careful with their faces. Especially around the ears, nose, eyes and the mouth. They had to make sure that the kittens don’t smell or taste the ink.

Due to their color, these cute kittens were named Smurf and Shrek. The staff believed that they have mouth ulcers and respiratory problems.

However, what Lloyd is most concerned about is the damage that the ink can cause to their internal organs. Cats lick themselves, and because these kittens have ink on their hair, they can intoxicate themselves with it.

The bigger concern that Lloyd has is that Smurf and Shrek aren’t the only victims to this cruel act. She believes that this was an act by betters who color the kittens to recognize them and throw them in a ring with aggressive dogs. They would guess which kitten would be killed first and the color helps them recognize the winner.

The problem here is that she doesn’t have any proof or evidence of this dog-baiting theory and can’t do anything about it. The one thing she could do was to rescue these poor kittens.

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