This Rescued Kitten with Unique Look is Looking for a Home

kitten with unique look

We love all cats that are different – just like this kitten with unique look. He has been rescued and brought to Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP) in Hong Kong.

kitten with unique look

This sweet kitten is just 3 months old and his name is Zodiac. The lovely ginger boy was found by one of the staff of LAP near the center. They believe that Zodiac has been saved by an elderly lady from that neighborhood who has been doing that for many cats in the area.

“This elderly lady saves many kittens living in the wet markets and unwanted offspring of shop cats. Zodiac is probably one of these unwanted kittens that scratch out a life in the alleys,” reported from LAP.

kitten with unique look

Zodiac, the kitten with unique look, was first scared when he was brought to the Center. However, as soon as he started getting love from the staff he warmed up and started purring. He even started seeking for attention himself.

Apparently, he realized that he was now in good hands and can trust those people. Due to his different look, the staff first thought that he has some health issues and a vet checked him immediately. But, other than the fact that he has fewer teeth and an underbite he is a normal kitten.

kitten with unique look

This unique look even makes him sweeter and irresistible. He is just a messy eater, but nothing else is wrong with him.

Zodiac is now living with a foster family and is looking for his furrever home.

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