Heroic Road Worker Brings Kitten Back to Life with Resuscitation

An amazing act of one road worker that brings kitten back to life made him a true hero. Metin Keskin, a road worker in Istanbul, Turkey was called out during a flash flood. He saved the kitten with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

worker brings kitten back to life

Metin was sent together with his coworkers to clear away floodwaters. In the disaster, he noticed a tiny kitten that seemed lifeless and was swept away by the heavy rains.

This worker rushed to save it and noticed that it didn’t move nor breathed or made any sound.

worker brings kitten back to life

When he realized this, Metin couldn’t leave the kitten and immediately knelt on his knees to try to save it. He began doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and when the kitten didn’t wake up, he started giving him chest compression. Also, he was massaging kitten’s little body to try and get the water out of its chest.

Luckily, after a few minutes the worker brings the kitten back to life. The tiny kitten expelled water and let out a weak meow. Everyone was relieved and Metin rushed to take the kitten to an animal hospital.

There she was nursed back to life.

Watch the video of this heroic act:

The brave worker Keskin couldn’t separate from the kitten, so he adopted it.

“She becomes our kitten now, and I’m so happy,” said Keskin.

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