Grumpy Cat has sadly passed away – the world is grieving

There’s so much to say about Grumpy Cat. She is literally a legend and there isn’t a person who hasn’t heard about her.

grumpy cat

Unfortunately, today Grumpy cat has lost the battle with her disease. She had some complications with her recent condition of urinary tract infection. The real name of this legendary cat is Tardar Sauce and she was only 7 years old.

The Internet world is grieving for the loss of the Grumpy Cat. She was very popular with her grumpy look, but her owners say that she is one of the sweetest cats in the world.

With her face, there were countless memes created of a person who is grumpy about everything.

grumpy cat

The grieving family of Tardar Sauce has announced her death today on their Instagram profile.

Even though she had a great help from professionals, the infection caused great complications that were hard to overcome. She died on May 14th at her home in the arms of her beloved mom Tabatha.

grumpy cat

We are sure that this cat will never die, especially with the print she left in the world. There are many products that were made in her name and with her face as a brand. There are plenty of toys, perfumes, comics and there is even a Christmas TV show featuring Tardar Sauce or Grumpy Cat.

Rest in peace, Tardar Sauce! We will never forget you!

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