Heartbreaking Moment When a Girl Sings to Her Dying Cat

If you are going to read this article then grab a box of tissues first. It’s the most heartbreaking moment of watching a girl sings to her dying cat. She is singing “You are my sunshine”.

girl sings to her dying cat

This is the story of Bailey No Ordinary Cat who was 14 years old and died in December 2018. The young girl who is singing is Abby and she is 4 years old, so she practically grew up with Bailey. He was happy to live for 14 years and had a very special bond with Abbey.

girl sings to her dying cat

Abbey was enjoying reading to her tabby cat and he obviously enjoyed as well.

Unfortunately, Bailey got sick with kidney disease and everyone knew that he wasn’t going to make it. Abbey loved singing to him as well, and he loved it.

Once she sang “You are my sunshine” to him and this was one of his last moments of life. On this video you can see how this young girl sings to her dying cat.

A few hours after this video was filmed, sadly Bailey passed away.

If you want to read more about Bailey you can follow him on Instagram. The family now has a new young kitten that is also a tabby cat.

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