Deaf White Cat with Different Colored Eyes is a Guardian Angel to this Family

Get ready for an amazing story about a white cat with different colored eyes who was a blessing into Diana’s family. Diana Tingle is Catman’s fan who shared her beautiful story about her cats and dog. Her unique white cat who is actually deaf and has one green and one blue eye is very special and is their guardian angel. It is very common for white cats and cats with different colored eyes to be deaf or blind.

white cat with different colored eyes

Well, I live in NC with 3 of my 5 kids, one dog.. Snickers, and 3 cats.. Blizzy, Juno, and my “grand kitty” Kylo! We had a senior cat April that passed away a few years ago, and we decided after some healing that we wanted to adopt another cat.

We found Blizzy through Paw Prints Rescue here locally, and he had been there for quite some time. They thought maybe it’s because he is deaf. He was just so friendly so I decided to adopt him. I brought him home and he owned the house the minute he walked in, lol!

white cat with different colored eyes

At the time, I was taking care of my mom, she had dementia and Blizzy fell in love with her. He followed her everywhere and they became very close. When my mom was in hospice, he didn’t leave her side..even the nurses said it was amazing. After mom passed away, he sat in her room for days, it was heartbreaking.

When I adopted him, I had no idea what an answer to prayer he was for us..for my mother. He kept her calm, it’s like he knew she needed him. I think the reason he was at the rescue for so long was because God knew we needed an angel to help us with my mom. 💗

I got a letter from the owner that surrendered him to the rescue. They found him when he was only 6 weeks old and had him until he was 4. They had to move for missions I believe, and housing was provided, but they were not allowed to bring pets. She was heartbroken that she had to re-home him and chose Paw Prints because she felt they would find him the right family to love him.

white cat with different colored eyes

I received the letter about a month after we adopted him. The rescue wanted to make sure we were going to work out for him first because they had him for so long. Occasionally I email his first mom to let her know how he’s doing and send her pictures. She is so grateful that he found a good home. Blizzy is such a gift.. And honestly, I think he rescued us. 💗

Other than the white cat with different colored eyes Blizzy, Diana has two beautiful black cats Juno and Kylo.

And here are the answers from Diana to our 10 short questions.

1. Do you sometimes talk to your cat?

– Even though he’s deaf, I talk to him like he can hear me lol, we all do! He feels vibration and responds to hand cues.

white cat with different colored eyes

2. What type of food do you usually feed your cat/cats with?

– I feed him a combination of dry and wet food..Purina Naturals and Fancy Feast.

3. Is there a special cat in your life?

– I love all of the cats but Blizzy is definitely special.. He sleeps with me and can’t get close enough lol..

white cat with different colored eyes

4. What’s your favorite book?

– One of my favorite books is “The Shack” by William P. Young.

5. Do you have a preference for a specific cat breed or not?

– I love all cats!!

6. Are you against cat declawing?

– Yes, I don’t believe in declawing, it’s cruel!! All of my cats have claws and thankfully use scratching posts lol!

7. Are people around you (friends, family, partner) friendly towards cats?

– Our whole family is cat friendly! Our dog loves them too!

white cat with different colored eyes

8. Do other people consider you weird because you are obsessed with cats?

– I don’t know if people think I’m weird about my affection for cats, but I wouldn’t care if they did lol! I’m proud to be a crazy cat lady!! 💗

9. What do you like the most about cats (in three words)?

– Oh gosh, only 3 words???
Comfort, Peace, Love.

10. Are you planning on getting another cat in your home soon?

– If I could afford it, I’d love to have more cats!! But the 3 we have I’m content with…for now. 😁

white cat with different colored eyes

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white cat with different colored eyes

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