Missy is Lisa’s Childhood Cat Who Was Very Special to Her

Many people that love cats always remember their childhood cat. That’s probably because the cat they had as kids made them love all cats. This is the case with Lisa Rogers. She is one of the Catman’s fans who was happy to do an interview and share her story.

So, we are happy to share her story with all of you.

childhood cat

My name is Lisa. I’m an American living in the UK with my husband. We have three cats. I have always had a cat for as long as I can remember and have always loved them. I have photos of myself holding cats the same size as me!

My three cats right now are called Grey, Mogs and Marcey. Mogs was adopted by my in-laws with another cat when my father-in-law was battling cancer as therapy cats. The other cat passed away not long after my father-in-law did. But Mogs has been with us 9 years. She is a queen and outdoor enthusiast! She was formerly abused by a previous owner and has changed so much.

childhood cat

Grey is an old man at 16 years old. We took him in 7 years ago as he was the local cat with a neglectful owner. I fell in love with him and would watch him in the neighborhood before we took him in. He’s such a laid back sweet guy. He loved his food though.

childhood cat

Marcey who we adopted in April 2018 and is the youngest at 1 year old. She is also an outdoor enthusiast and was adopted from a local rescue as a way to help us heal after losing another cat, Jiji unexpectedly. She’s a bit of a biter but not in a vicious way. She loves our other two cats and will come to us for a cuddle when she wants it. She’s named after my grandmother.

Missy Lisa’s Childhood Cat is her Special Cat

Same as our other interviewees, Lisa has answered the 10 short questions we had for her.

1. Do you sometimes talk to your cat?

– I always talk to my cat.

2. What type of food do you usually feed your cat/cats with?

– I feed them Felix wet food and Purina One dry food. They get treats in-between meals.

3. Is there a special cat in your life?

– All my cats are special. Missy I had for 21 years and she will always be the cat I grew up with. She is my childhood cat.

4. What’s your favorite book?

– As an avid reader I have favourite authors rather than books. There is someone who is trying to write a book about cats and grieving for adults. I Love You More Than Tuna. I can’t wait for it to finally come out. I Could Pee on This, is a great poetry book about cats.

5. Do you have a preference for a specific cat breed or not?

– I do like Maine Coons and would one day like a full breed one but I love all cats.

6. Are you against cat declawing?

– Very much against cat declawing, it’s illegal in the UK.

7. Are people around you (friends, family, partner) friendly towards cats?

– Everyone I know loves the cats. It’s a big reason why they’re in my life.

8. Do other people consider you weird because you are obsessed with cats?

– I have had people who think I’m weird for loving cats but they’re usually unimportant in my life and their opinion doesn’t matter.

childhood cat

9. What do you like the most about cats (in three words)?

– Their purrs heal.

10. Are you planning on getting another cat in your home soon?

– At the moment three is enough. I’d get more if I could but right now I love my three furbabies.

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