Top 20 Cats Challenge – Find out who is the WINNER!

If you follow our Facebook page, you have seen the Top 20 Cats Challenge competition. We have asked you all to share photos of your beautiful cats and participate in the contest. But our job was more difficult than yours. We had to choose the top 20.

Well, it wasn’t easy at all! All the cats that we have seen in your photos are just beautiful. However, we had to choose the top 20 cats.

Let’s start the countdown.

#20 Beautiful Luna

top 20 cats

Sasha Rom is the proud parent of the lovely Luna.

#19 Sweet Vovka

top 20 cats

Congratulations Nomin Ganbat, your dear Vovka is in top 20 cats.

#18 Mr Darcey

top 20 cats

Gayle Yates has rescued this lion face Mr Darcey from a shelter and made him happy and pretty.

#17 Proud Hugo

top 20 cats

Mr Hugo is posing for Yolanda Muir, I guess he can be a model.

#16 Cute couple Foo Foo and Loki

top 20 cats

Steve Seasick Shilling took this awesome photo of his beautiful cats.

#15 Elvendom Thunderdust of Cyberex or Satanello

The Royal Highness represented by Frederica Broilo- Bitan.

#14 Scrawny Ollie

top 20 cats

The artistic one by Diane Mileson.

#13 Lucky

The Lucky 13 and Gerrit Chilla.

#12 Cassidy and Bandit

Another couple of the list and their proud dad Mike Christian.

#11 Miguel

Miguel makes Sidney Marques very happy.

#10 Joy

This beautiful cat is the happy baby of Marion Konig.

#9 Mao the Scottish

Bernard Fraiture you have a beautiful cat!

#8 Milo

Julie Worden took an amazing picture of her blue-eyed Bengal Milo.

#7 Lola Sunshine

Karen Ann, your one-eyed Lola Sunshine is simply gorgeous!

#6 Leo and Buddy

These amazing Maine Coons are making Troy Murray proud.

#5 Bellatrix

The gracious beauty Maine Coon Bellatrix by Antonina Rogers.

#4 Mufasa

Dian Jacques, your Mufasa truly is like a lion! So beautiful!

#3 Sir Bucky Bucksnort

Hop Sing and her Sir Bucky are in the top 3 of the contest!

#2 Gizmo almost won the top 20 cats contest!

The charming Gizmo with half a mustache and Mel Kerr are the second best!

#1 The Winner is Daisy!

The 3-legged beauty Daisy and her mom Donna Baird are the winners of our contest!

It goes without saying that all these cats and those that participated in the competition are winners, because all cats are beautiful. No matter the size, the breed, the color… they are all the same and we all love them!

And in every competition there should be a winner.

Congratulations to everyone!


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