Photoshoot of the newborn baby kitten is the sweetest!

If you own a cat, you must have already become a photographer with every photoshoot you have in your phone or camera of your baby kitten. The Internet is flooded with photos of cats and everyone who loves cats usually takes million photos every day of their cats which are considered to be members of the family. Well, imagine if a professional photographer is also a cat lover and makes a photo-shoot of the newborn baby kitten.

Luna is the sweet kitten that entered the home of Amelie, whose mother is a professional photographer. She usually gets her inspiration for photographs from kids and babies, so when she got Luna for her daughter, it was logical that this kitty will get a traditional newborn photoshoot.

photoshoot of baby kitten

This sweet kitten is only 10 weeks old and just adores Amelie. She follows her everywhere and Luna is like a sister to Amelie. Have a look at part of the photos that Amelie’s mother Kitty Schaub made:

photoshoot of baby kitten

photoshoot of baby kitten

photoshoot of baby kitten

photoshoot of baby kitten

Isn’t she adorable?

These photos became so popular, went viral so quickly that Amelie’s mother decided to make a calendar and sell it. The funds from selling the calendar goes to the local animal rescue that is called Save-A-Stray.

This is the most adorable photoshoot of a baby kitten.

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