Man Saves a Kitten on the Road Glued on the Ground!

We have heard many stories about a kitten on the road that was saved by someone. But, this story is different and even more cruel. Chuck Hawley from Silverton, Oregon was on his way to work and while driving he spotted something on the road.

kitten on the road

He noticed that all the other cars were passing by the thing that was on the road and nobody stopped. Chuck decided to stop the car and see what was there and his first thought was that it was cardboard box. When he got near he realized that it was a living creature and he was shocked.

kitten on the road

It was a tiny kitten that was terrified and trembling, but still wasn’t moving. At first, he thought that the kitty wasn’t moving because he is scared. Unfortunately, the reason was much worse – the kitten on the road was glued on the ground! He was shocked and couldn’t believe that someone would do this to an innocent creature.

kitten on the road

Chuck couldn’t leave the poor kitten on the road, so he started peeling its feet of the ground to take him to the vet. He picked it up and took it to the local shelter where he was taken care of. The staff took the rubber cement out of its fur using mineral oil.

kitten on the road

A few thorough check-ups were done at the shelter and a few puncture wounds were found on the poor kitten. Chuck filed a police report in hopes that whoever did this terrible thing would be punished.

Luckily, this is a story with a happy end. The kitty turned out to be a great hero who survived this trauma and is living a good life now. Even better, she now has a new home.

Her name is Sticky the Kitty and her savior is of course Chuck and his wife. Sticky found her home together with two dogs – she is still trying to adapt with them. One thing is for sure – they will all have a good life.

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