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Lost cat finds its way home after 13 years!

Sounds incredible, right?

Anyone who lost a cat and couldn’t find it within 3 or 6 months or even a year usually loses all hopes that would see their cat back home. Same thing happened to Janet Adamowicz. She had a cat named Boo that was 4 years old when it went missing.

This happened in 2005, when unexpectedly Boo left the home and Janet didn’t see her come back. She started the search for Boo, put missing posters around the area and even published an ad in the local newspaper with the hopes of getting her back.

There were no results from the search, so Janet gave up and decided to adopt two new cats – Ollie in 2008, a lovely three-legged cat and Tessie that she got in 2014. The only thing that she could do is hope that Boo has found a new home where she lives happy.

It was such a surprise when in 2018, 13 years later that Janet got her Boo back. She got a call from a vet that was located 40 miles from her place and initially she thought that the vet is talking about Tessie or Ollie. When she went down to see the cat, she realized that her long missing cat Boo is back. She was 17 years old but still remembered her first owner.

It turned out that Boo was living a life as a stray cat, and luckily survived and was capable of taking care of herself. Janet explained that Boo was a very adventurous and lively cat when she was young and would often go out but always returned home. At least until 2005 when she went missing.

You can only imagine this feeling of being reunited with your cat that you have been away from for over 13 years.

Watch this amazing story below and hear more about this experience:


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