Kitty survived the Woolsey Fire and returned home after 9 days!

Many people and animals suffered or got lost during the Woolsey Fire in California. Hamish Patterson, also known as “The Illusion” has his own vlog on the Internet and is one of the people who has lost his cat in the fires.

In one of his episodes, he is showing what the fires have left of the Rainbow Mountain and to the homes and community.

Woolsey fire

The whole episode is very emotional and the Illusion can’t hold back his tears anymore when he is sharing the good news that his cat made it!

The cat named Mike has survived the Woolsey fire and wandered for 9 days in the wild. Luckily, he found his way home to his family.

Woolsey fire

Many friends brought food and water to Mike and if it weren’t for them, he probably wouldn’t have made it.

“God does answer prayers, and this is what I prayed for this morning,” says Patterson. “I had been up there shaking the little cat shaker for about 15 minutes. I had kind of given up hope…and who shows up, but Mike.”

Watch the video below.

The Woolsey fire is not the only disaster where cats or dogs were lost or missing. Thankfully there are animal shelters that think about them in these times.


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