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A man recovering from a surgery with a cat… but does he own a cat?!

When you hear this story, you will definitely believe in the saying that cats can feel human’s pain. This person on the picture has just had a surgery and this is not his cat.

We read about this story on Twitter by Andrew Falloon, who tweeted that the man on the picture is his dad who is recovering from surgery and this cat next to him entered the house and went next to him.

His mother left the door open when she went out and apparently this sneaky cat came inside. She noticed Andrew’s father and found her spot.

When she came back and saw them lying together he took a picture of them and when Andrew’s father woke up he was very surprised to see that he has a company.

This tweet went viral and people started tweeting about it.

Everyone who retweeted the post was amazed by this cat. Clare Fletcher tweeted that now the cat chose them and she will look after them.

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