Firefighter Hero Saves a Cat in the California Wildfires

firefighter hero

The Wildfires in California took many lives, but luckily we have a firefighter hero who is there to save them. Not only does he is trying to save people with his team, he also saved one poor cat. Of course, the cat was so grateful to him.

firefighter hero

The name of the firefighter hero is Captain Ryan Coleman and he is in the Fairview Valley Fire Department. Recently there were many wildfires in California, which is very common for this time of year. Unfortunately, this time there have been many victims. 80 lives have been taken in the wildfires so far.

firefighter hero

But there is always a silver lining in a sad story. This time is the rescue of a lovely cat who is showing gratitude to its hero. After she was rescued, she didn’t let go of the firefighter Ryan. She climbed on his shoulder and followed him everywhere.

Just like human, cats can show their love and affection, sometimes even more than people. The firefighter Ryan took a video of his new friend and posted it on Facebook to share the good news.

Check out the video and see how cute the cat is:

This video has reached over 2 million views on Facebook and people are just sharing it and enjoy it.

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