Cats in the Indiana Prison Transformed the Prisoners Lives

When the Animal Protection League decided to get cats in prison that might be their best decision ever. Just to be clear, the cats didn’t go to jail, but this organization has started a project at the Pendleton Correctional Facility.

cats in prison

This project called F.O.R.W.A.R.D has started in 2015 and it was made with the state of Indiana.

cats in prison

It’s very simple, they have decided to place shelter cats in the prison and let the prisoners take care of them. Most people know the benefits of having a cat and that the care for them is actually therapeutic.

And very soon after this project has been implemented it has been proved to be successful.

cats in prison

Most of the cats were having a terrible past and have been treated very bad, so this is a great opportunity for them as well to get a proper treatment. The inmates are actually more dedicated to the care of the cats.

cats in prison

These cats are placed in the prison until the shelter finds a home for them. So instead of spending time in cages in the shelter, here they are being well taken care of.

Not only do the prisoners take care of them by grooming them, feeding and cleaning them, they are also making cat trees and different toys for them to play with.

Cats in Prison Help Inmates Learn About Love and Commitment

Together with the cats, the inmates are learning more about compassion, love and caring for someone that needs it. They learn responsibility and commitment.

cats in prison

The director of Animal Protection League, Maleah Stringer says:

“I’ve had offenders tell me when they got an animal, it was the first time they can remember they were allowing themselves to care about something, to love something.”

The best thing about this project is that is a good example for other prisons. Other US prisons started following this example and brought cats in prisons.

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