The Catman of Puerto Rico Risks His Life to Help the Cats

Let’s meet this hero – Catman of Puerto Rico. Glen Venezio is a man who moved from New Jersey to Puerto Rico in 2006 in hopes of starting a new life. And he did, but not as he imagined.

Catman of Puerto Rico

When he arrived there he was shocked to see that there are hundreds of stray cats in his neighborhood. He realized that the situation is much worse than in his hometown and just couldn’t sit idly about it. Not only that these cats were abandoned, they were also tortured. They were neglected and physically harmed.

There were no shelters nearby, so Catman of Puerto Rico has decided that he has to do something about this. He started feeding the cats early in the morning and they kept showing up more and more.

Catman of Puerto Rico

He made a schedule – every night between 1:30 and 6:30 AM, Glen is feeding over 250 cats in the area. He spends around $100 per day buying food for them and even some dogs joined the crowd.

Glen has managed to do all by himself and some help from donations. He even spayed/neutered some of the cats that he has been able to catch and some even got adopted. But the problem is that people keep leaving the cats out, so the number of stray cats is just staggering.

The rise in number of stray cats is not the only problem for Catman. He is facing with unfriendly people who don’t like what he’s doing. This is the reason why he is feeding them during the night. Many times he has been punched in the face or pepper sprayed and he even reported this to the police, but things haven’t changed.

People are threatening him constantly, but this doesn’t stop him from his good deeds.

“I scream my lungs off. And the people hate me more. I’ve been hurt. I have to protect myself. I have people threatening me.”- Says Glen.

The reason that people don’t like Glen is because they don’t like the stray cats, and they hate that Glen is feeding them. However, this doesn’t stop him. The cats are his companions, he doesn’t miss a day to go and feed them even when he is sick, or there’s a storm.

He even celebrates his holidays with them and they are happy to see him.

“Happy New Year to all of my friends here!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I am a little nervous to go out into the street to my cat route today in the dark. There are many drunken people. I am scared for the animals in the streets with all the fireworks. The people don’t give a damn about the animals possibly getting hurt from the fireworks.”

“It is a very scary night for me rather than a joyful one, but anyhow, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.”

If you want you can also donate and help Catman – read more here.

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