Cat Comforts Orphaned Kitten and Gives Him Love

A small orphaned kitten has found his new home. An animal rescuer, Moonglade Rose, found the young kitten and noticed that he needs medical attention.

orphaned kitten

Moonglade already had a cat at home named Andy and she wasn’t sure how he would react on the new kitten. Still she took the kitten, named him Opie and brought it home.

orphaned kitten

As soon as Moonglade came back home with Opie, Andy heard them and ran to the door. Surprisingly, he welcomed the new cat and started grooming him. He started acting as if he is his older brother and needs to protect him.

orphaned kitten

The orphaned kitten Opie felt so welcomed that both became like brothers. Andy was also rescued cat just like Opie. He was very close with Moonglade and was always cuddling with her.

But, now that he got his new brother, he just can’t get away from him. They are now inseparable.

orphaned kitten

Andy started giving Opie a lot of love and teaching him how to use the litter box and how to hunt and play. But most importantly, he has been teaching him how to cuddle.

Andy and Opie are now happy together and are like brothers.

And you have to admit, they look adorable together.

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  1. Alyssia says:

    My kitty 🐈 is 2 years 2 months & 15 days old, she’s a rescue and I Love ❤️ her so very much! She’s 12 pounds she just needs to lose a little bit of weight but she’s such a cutie pie 💗that shes part of our family and I. Our 🏠 home. 8-15-2019 5:49 am

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