5 Ways Cats Show Love to Their Owners

There are some people who claim that cats really don’t care about anyone and doesn’t love their owners. However, everyone who owns a cat can argue that they love their owners very much but have different ways of showing their affection.

Dogs run around their owners and show affection, but cats have a different approach. Here are the 5 most common ways that cats show love for their owners.

1. Purring.

This is the most common way for a cat to show its affection. However, you need to be careful when a cat purrs because sometimes this is a sign that they are scared, sick or injured. Luckily, this should be easy for you to notice. If the cat is purring while you are petting it, it means that she is showing its affection.cats show love

2. Cats are grooming you.

One of the best ways for a cat to show you their trust is to groom you. Usually, they groom themselves and then continue doing that to you. This is their way of accepting you. Cats also do this so they can smell you when you are coming.

3. The cat brings you a gift.

On the other hand, the worst way of showing their affection is by bringing you a dead animal in your home. Cats see this as a great way of showing you love because they feel like they are bringing you their trophy. Usually they bring rats, mice or birds that they caught and want to brag at home. This is also a way to say “Thank you for providing me home and food”. cats show love

4. Kneading.

This might be the best feeling that a cat can cause to its owner. Kneading looks like your cat gives you a massage and it’s very soothing. The experts say that cats do this since they are kittens as a habit when they are activating the milk form their moms during breast feeding. So, if your cat kneads you it means that they show you affection like they do to their moms and it means that cats show love.

5. Cats show their stomach.

If you own a cat, you probably know that you are not allowed to touch their stomach. The cats are very protective of their territory and you can get scratched if you try touching them there. However, when they are cuddling and showing their stomach it means they trust you. This still doesn’t necessarily mean that you can touch it.

cats show love

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