Pixel Found Her Loving Home After She Was Replaced by a Dog

Pixel, a beautiful Calico cat had the misfortune of being replaced by a dog. Her old family gave her to a shelter because they decided to get a dog. However, this has proved to be a good decision for Pixel because she has found her new loving home with her cat mom Heidi and her sisters Cleo and Mochi.

This is another interview with one of Catman’s fans Heidi Foster. She was happy to share her story with us.

I was born a crazy cat-lady. My first spoken word was not “mama” or “dada”—it was “meow.” From 3rd grade through 8th grade, at least once a year, I would find a friendly cat on my way to school and tuck it into my book bag, convinced it was a stray that needed a home (I lived in the city and life was not kind to outdoor cats).

replaced by a dog

Queen Pixel

Perhaps I believed so strongly that they were strays that my teachers believed me and allowed me to do this. One year, a teacher even adopted my found kitty. It wasn’t until I was an adult that it occurred to me that some (most?) of those cats probably weren’t strays and that I was a cat thief. And everyone I had ever told that story to knew it before me. I should feel guiltier than I do, but there’s a small voice inside me that whispers “it wouldn’t have happened if they were indoor cats…”

replaced by a dog


But then, I went eight years without a cat because I had the misfortune of falling in love and moving in with a man who was allergic to cats and the condo he rented had a no-pets policy. Eventually, though, we bought a house and I convinced him that we should foster a cat or two to see how bad his allergies were. I got in touch with rescue group that worked through PetSmart and they pulled two cats from a local shelter.


My plan was to foster these two and then to adopt a kitten or two, but that plan was sabotaged as soon as three year old Cleo ran out of the carrier and behind the couch and 2 year old Pixel strolled out and announced herself as diva of the house. My SO’s cat allergies no longer included hives, so after taking the pair to one adoption event and almost losing Pixel to a potential adopter, he agreed that they were too precious to let go.

replaced by a dog

Heidi with Mochi

I reluctantly agreed that two cats was enough with one condition—if I was ever in PetSmart and a rescue group had a Siamese or a Siamese-mix, we were getting a third cat. And one day, while picking up more cat food, I sent a text “Get your butt to PetSmart, we’re getting a kitten” because huddling in a cage was four month old Siamese mix. She was still half-feral, full of hisses and resentment. I didn’t think we had a chance because several people had filled out applications for her because she was so beautiful, and our other cats were eight and nine years old. Most rescue groups prefer kittens to be adopted in pairs or to homes with young cats. But one of the applicants had never had a cat before, and another one admitted to facing foreclosure, so they chose us because they wanted her to go to someone who would not bring her back or abandon her because they knew that she might never fully be tame up. And that’s how we got Mochi.

replaced by a dog


Cleo the Floor-Model

Cleo (original name) is our most social cat. She hangs out at parties and joins in our monthly book discussions (she gets her own chair). She meows like a dinosaur: rawrrr. When we first got her, she wouldn’t get on anything, so we jokingly called her our floor-model, but now she lounges on what she wants to, when she wants to, like a cat should. She knows how to open drawers and folding doors and does it as a parlor trick for company. She has the softest fur in the world, I’ve even had people ask me if I use conditioner on her because she’s so soft.

replaced by a dog


Pixel – the Queen Who Was Replaced by Dog by Her Old Family

Pixel (original name was Pretty, but after suggesting almost a hundred replacements to the SO and the threat of naming her Uranus if he didn’t chose one, Pixel she became) is our diva, our million dollar calico. She has inflammatory bowel disease (completely handled by diet), cardiomyopathy, had treatment for hyperthyroidism and now hypothyroidism. Her original owners got rid of her because they got a puppy and she is very dog-aggressive. All calico sass, she never fully forgave me for bringing a third cat into the house. Her oddest quirk is that she likes to drink from my water cup, but she won’t unless I place the cup on my coaster. If I place it next to the coaster, she will stare at me until I move it. She always looks like she’s pouting (I call it her resting Pix face).


Mochi – Heidi’s Beast Friend

Mochi (original name was Ashley) is a clever cat. She learned how to play fetch as a kitten, and would try to get me to play fetch in middle of the night by dropping her mousie on my face. And when that didn’t wake me up, she learned that if she dipped the mousie in her water bowl first and then dropped it on my face, I woke up right away! I learned to swap her mousies for plastic spring toys and still sometimes wake up with them in my hair. Most people who come to our house have never seen Mochi because she still has that feral distrust of humans. She is bonded to me and sleeps on my every night and follows me all over the house.

replaced by a dog

These three beauties have an Instagram account so you can check it out and see more pictures there. Follow @mopixcle. You can see for yourself that Pixel was lucky to be replaced by a dog, she now lives a great life.

Here are the 10 questions that Heidi answered for us:

1. Do you sometimes talk to your cat?

– I talk and sing to my cats all the time, making up song parodies for them. Pixel is a harsh critic and will usually leave the room.

2. What type of food do you usually feed your cat/cats with?

– Both Pixel (14 years) and Cleo (15 years) are in the early stages of renal failure, so all three cats get Royal Canin renal support crunchies. Cleo gets Royal Canin renal support wet food with a little bit of Fancy Feast wet food on top, otherwise she won’t eat it, Pixel and Mochi get Fancy Feast wet food. Their diet is not ideal but vet approved.

3. Is there a special cat in your life?

– I love all my cats, but Mochi and I have a bond. She is my feral heart, my beast friend.

4. What’s your favorite book?

– Too many favorite books, but my favorite cat books: Tailchaser’s Song for fiction and All My Patients Are Under the Bed for nonfiction.

5. Do you have a preference for a specific cat breed or not?

– I had a Siamese as a child, a free cat who was too small for the breeder to sell, and I love them, but I love all cats and would always choose rescue over going to a breeder.

replaced by a dog

6. Are you against cat declawing?

– I am completely against declawing, it is cruel and selfish.

7. Are people around you (friends, family, partner) friendly towards cats?

– Yes. Some may prefer dogs to cats, but all are friendly to cats.

8. Do other people consider you weird because you are obsessed with cats?

– Some do and to freak them out even more, I run my “cat in a past life” theory by them (hey, my ears are a little pointed). Some friends get annoyed with how many cat photos I post on Facebook, so I created and Instagram account just for cat photos. It’s called Mopixcle.

replaced by a dog

9. What do you like the most about cats (in three words)?

– They are joy.

10. Are you planning on getting another cat in your home soon?

– I don’t know how much time we have left with Pixel and Cleo, but I will get another cat because Mochi will need the company, especially when we go on vacation and she hides from the catsitter. Maybe two cats… if I can convince him.

replaced by a dog

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