Cat Walks 12 Miles to His Old Family That Rejects Him

That people can be so cruel proves this poor cat who walks 12 miles back home. The family that was having Toby the poor cat for 7 years gave him away.

Apparently the family of this yellow tabby cat Toby has decided that they no longer want to keep him. They found a new home for him, but since Toby was with his first family for so long he didn’t want to move.

cat walks 12 miles

Then this cat walks 12 miles from the new home going back to his old family. What he didn’t expect is that they would reject him once he came back. Since his first family didn’t want to take him back they took him to the nearest shelter to get him euthanized.

Luckily, this shelter wouldn’t agree to get Toby euthanized. Instead, they sent him to the SPCA of Wake County – a non-profit organization. They have shared his story and started looking for a new home for him.

cat walks 12 miles

Can you imagine how this poor cat felt when the people who had him for 7 years didn’t want to take him back? After he walked 12 miles to find his way home. Would you be able to do that to your cat?

Watch this video where a staff member of the SPCA shares Toby’s story:

Thank you all who shared Toby’s story earlier this week. Toby is safe here at the SPCA Pet Adoption Center waiting to find his forever home. He would prefer to be the only cat in his home. We hope his story inspired you to take a stand for animals in need and register for the 2018 SPCA Dog Walk on May 6th.

Posted by SPCA of Wake County on Friday, April 6, 2018

An update is that they found a new home for Toby at a loving family with 3 other siblings. There is one other cat and two human siblings.

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6 Responses

  1. Gary Parrott says:

    send him to me i’ll take him in

  2. jason mitchell says:

    Why are they showing 3 cats…I know which one Toby is. But I wanna no about the crying cat. Who ever was in charge of putting together this story needs to ask for help cause they obviously can’t get the job done on their own.

  3. Leslie Asher says:

    Oh I’m ssssssooooo glad he found a loving home!!! Those other people don’t deserve such a loving kitty to be a part of their family!!!!!!!

  4. Marina Orme says:

    How can these nasty people sleep at night, I just cannot believe this!! If I lived in America I would have taken him in a heartbeat!

  5. Maria Elena Gonzalez says:


  6. Roxanne says:

    I could or would never ever do any animal like that. That family should be ashamed of themselves for rejecting this beautiful tabby boy.

    I have a tabby cat named Tiger he was my mother’s! I would never throw my four babies away like that.

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