Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii is a Real Heaven on Earth

cat sanctuary

For all of you cat lovers in the world who want to find the heaven on earth – go to the cat sanctuary in Hawaii. This place is out of this world. The Lana’i Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii is a non-profit service organization that has created this amazing cat sanctuary.

cat sanctuary

Not only does this place has amazing nature, it has lovely residents animals. The little paradise settled on the Pacific Ocean, at the place called Lana’i in Hawaii is a home of over 500 cats. Any visitor can go there and spend some time with these lovely cats. This might be like a dream job to anyone who adores cats.

cat sanctuary

The best thing is that these cats are so friendly, it seems like they are just waiting for you to come and pet them. This heaven on earth is placed on an area of 25000 square feet.

If you go there and get a real connection with one of the cats you can even adopt it. All the cats are up for adoption, but even if they’re not adopted, these felines are actually having a great life there.

Do you think it can’t get better than this? Well, it can. The entry to this cat sanctuary is free of charge. However, any donation is appreciated and welcomed.

Just take a look at these lovely cats eager to be cuddling with their visitors:

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