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This cat is the Gym Motivator

If you are having doubts whether to go to the gym and start exercising, this cat will help you make up your mind.

At a local crossfit gym, one stray cat decided to take shelter. The cat stayed the night and when the owner came in the morning, he couldn’t help but keep him because he noticed that he needed a home.

Even more, this cat helped him get more people to come in the gym and exercise regularly.
He named him LB and even though he was a pretty lazy cat, he managed to motivate everyone at the gym.

One person admitted that LB made his week much better and was happy to come and exercise every day.

This tabby cat made the gym his home as he walked there like he owns it.

LB is a really chill cat that enjoys sitting at the gym and supervising how people are doing exercises. He definitely gives the motivation they need.



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