A Green Dragon Cat Follows The Ridiculous Grooming Trend

green dragon cat

You probably haven’t heard about a green dragon cat so far. That’s because it doesn’t exist. It is just a product of some people’s imagination and the new grooming trend.

A pet salon located in Yekaterinburg, Russia is the place where some of the weirdest grooming styles are offered.

green dragon cat

According to this trend, cat’s fur is being dyed in different colors and cut into different shapes to resemble like another animal. This poor cat is called Vaska and the owner of the salon Daria Gotz talks more about it.

green dragon cat

Apparently they are not doing this only to cats, but also with dogs. The green dragon cat was not the only victim. They also got Bettie the dog to look like a bumblebee.

The owner of the pet salon Ms Gotz said that the dyes are pet-friendly and can’t harm the animals.

Ms. Gotz says: “Those dyes which we use are absolutely pet-friendly and producers claim that they have a healthful effect on the animals. The dyes are made from natural botanical extracts, they are Korean.”

For Halloween another cat was turned into a red dragon.

Even though the owner of the pet salon and maybe other people say that this color doesn’t harm the animals’ health, this still doesn’t seem right. It looks like they are making fun of them and making them stay still while their cutting off their fur for pleasure.

Who would actually love to see their pet looking ridiculous?

Catman is really against this type of grooming trend that is just not humane. People need to start respecting the animals more!

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